Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

This is an excellent chance for home decor bloggers and authors to contribute to the Blog. They are now able to contribute articles to our blog, which we expect to be of the highest possible quality. To be considered for the role of guest blogger, you need to be capable of producing high-quality writing and have original content ideas that are not only engaging but also innovative and original.

The Advantages Of Contributing To Our Blog

  • Large Readers (Your blog must have more than 500,000 page views every month.)
  • An inspiring environment in which to jot down your thoughts.
  • Authorship that has significant value
  • Branding.
  • Give credit to your website or business.
  • Include a link to your profile on Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.

Content Guideline

1. The reader, also known as the user, should be the article’s major emphasis rather than the link back, as the purpose of the article is to facilitate the sharing of amazing knowledge and creative work.

2. The maximum number of words allowed for each article is 600 (no upper limit).

3. The content needs to be pertinent and should only be about the home décor niche.

4. The text ought to be original and packed with helpful information. Articles with a lot of rich information are selected.

5. Images-based creative and unique guest posts that are effectively written will have an easier time being accepted. You are required to either provide attribution to the source of the photos or submit photographs free of copyright restrictions.

6. Flawless spelling & grammar is necessary (submissions with the spelling & grammatical errors will be rejected)

7. We will maintain ownership of the content of the guest post; however, our seasoned writers have the right to modify or amend the material if it is necessary. Content stays yours.

8. If you want to make it less difficult to read, please utilize subheadings.

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