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Gifts are the main attraction at any trade show. Many vendors try to outdo one another in gifts and swag. It’s not surprising that people don’t pay much attention to what the actual products and advancements are.

There is however one gift that steals the spotlight: eco-friendly, reusable promotional trade show bags.

Trade show giveaways such as reusable bags reflect well on your business. They can be used for multiple purposes and attendees will appreciate them having them during the event.

Reusable Bags And Totes

Many trade shows and convention goodies and gifts draw attention and grab attention on the day. But it’s the items that can last a most valuable lifetime. Your business will be promoted to attendees and those they meet long after the convention has ended.

So what is the big deal with eco-friendly custom reusable bags for trade shows? These bags are used to carry the many other goodies at the trade show. Your bags will also be used to carry the many goodies and gifts from other vendors. Your name will be the one that everyone remembers from the convention.

These are just a few of the many benefits that come with giving away Custom Reusable Tote Bags and t-shirts at your next convention.

1. Increase Booth Traffic

Many people see what other people are wearing as they go about their trade shows and conventions. If attendees are overloaded with gifts, their bags will likely be the main attraction. Many attendees will ask about your bag and often make it their top priority to find your bag.

2. Make More Impressions

It is a known fact that reusable promotional tradeshow bags are more popular than any other promotional product in the United States, with over 6,000 impressions. Promotional products such as these reusable bags earn 500% more referrals from satisfied customers.

3. Building Goodwill

Conventions are a place where gifts are plentiful, so it can be hard to make an impact. Giving away practical gifts to attendees both during and after the convention is a great way of making an impression. Your gifts are useful and will make an impression. This is a great way to build goodwill.

4. Promote Your Brand

People will come to your booth looking for useful gifts. People will remember your brand because they see it every time they open the bag you give them. Even more important, many people will carry your branded bags to convention locations. They’ll be promoting your brand because they are carrying them around and taking your bags with them.

5. Engage Attendees

The gift of reusable bags can be a great way to engage convention attendees. They are both practical and handy for them after the event. You can make sure they remember your booth, your message, and your products because they are so excited about the reusable bags.

6. Get A Long-Lasting Return On Investment (ROI)

One reusable bag can last for an average of 7 years, which is the same as more than 700 disposable plastic bags. This means that your investment will go further than the price of plastic bags with logos that are used to advertise businesses at department stores and supermarkets. This will make your advertisement budget last much longer.

7. Reflect On Your Values

Managers and business owners have their views on the state of the world and the importance of plastics. Your reusable bags can be used to give others the chance to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

By Blake

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