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There’s no reason to turn your nose up at the notion of laminate flooring. Laminate is now one of the greatest solutions for good-looking, affordable, and quick-to-install flooring in both residential and commercial premises. In a nutshell, laminate flooring is composed of a particleboard wood substrate, a decorative layer, and a clear wear layer. Other appealing properties of the material will easily persuade you to consider it as a top option for flooring.
Quick Installation
Installing laminate flooring is lightning quick, so you can finish a room in a single day. There is no need to mix grout or mortar, therefore there is no mess to clean up. Laminate is similar to a puzzle; you can cut a laminate board to fit using a light-duty circular saw or even a handsaw. The floor has a smooth and faultless surface when laminate is securely fitted.

Make It Yourself
Laminate flooring is ideal for novices since it is so simple to install. Because laminate is thin and flexible, your flooring must be smooth and level before you can install it. However, if your subfloor is free of flaws, the laminate instals swiftly and easily.

It uninstalls quickly.
If you wish to update your flooring, it’s simple to install and remove. Because laminate is not linked to the flooring, there is no labor-intensive scraping of mortar or glue. The most difficult element of uninstallation is removing any baseboards and shoe moulding that keep the floor’s edges down. Uninstallation is therefore as simple as pulling apart an unglued jigsaw puzzle piece by piece.

High tensile strength
Laminate flooring is sometimes considered as fragile, however this is not the case. In reality, laminate flooring is more sturdy than hardwood flooring. While genuine hardwood flooring is attractive and durable, it may warp, natural stone and ceramic tile can fracture, and even engineered wood’s thin veneer coating can ultimately wear down to the plywood substrate.

The laminate structure makes it very robust. The laminate floor features a thin, translucent wear layer that makes it robust and scratch-resistant. Drop a glass bottle on laminate flooring and it would most likely bounce rather than shatter, as it would on tile or stone.

Simple to Clean
The finest laminate floor installations will have tight joints that do not allow debris to accumulate. On laminate flooring, however, even minor puddles should be avoided. A moist cloth or a spray mop is the finest way to clean laminate flooring. A damp mop is not suggested because water may get into even the smallest hairline cracks.

Design Improvements
When older technology attempted to emulate the appearance of natural materials, it made laminate flooring seem phoney. Manufacturers of laminates today have created products with improved surface texture and aesthetic appeal.

Additional Wood Species
Laminate is more effective at imitating traditional species like as oak, birch, maple, and cherry. Laminate is now available in exotic species like as teak and mahogany, as well as variants such as aged, antiqued, and hand-scraped wood appearances.

Additional Size Options
3 1/2-inch conventional laminate boards remain popular. Plank sizes have increased. Laminate boards are available in widths up to 7 3/4 inches.

Improved Surface Embossing
Embossing is a manufacturing method that forces a wood-grain pattern into the laminate’s surface. Deeper embossing on premium lines provides more realistic-looking boards.

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