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Evaporative coolers offer two main advantages over conventional air conditioners: energy efficiency, and sustainability. Evaporative coolers require far less electricity to run. A standard air conditioner can consume up to seven times the electricity. Evaporative coolers require only running the fan that draws the airflow across the cooling pad. The standard air conditioning system, on the contrary, uses a compressor to compress liquid refrigerant in a smaller area and then move it through a heat exchanger to draw heat out of the air. This requires electricity, as well as a fan to blow cold air into the room.

Evaporative coolers use less electricity, which means you will have a lower carbon footprint and pay less for your utilities. Evaporative coolers do not use any chemical refrigerants. These are dangerous to the ozone layer.

Low Relative Humidity Is The Secret To Success

Even if you think everything you have read about evaporative cools is great, here’s something you need to know before you commit to using them in your home. Evaporative coolers are best used in dry climates.

It makes sense when you take a moment to understand how they work. These coolers are dependent on water being able to evaporate into the atmosphere. Dry air makes this process more efficient. Dry air is more likely to allow water molecules to separate and float away into dry air than humid air which is already saturated with water. It is like water molecules needing space in the air to hold all of that water.

The water that evaporates leaves the cooler, and it stays in your home. This can be an advantage if you live in the desert. It will help you keep hydrated and your skin healthy.

Consider how you feel on a hot day. Your body produces sweat to cool you when you’re hot. This is called evaporation. Your sweat doesn’t evaporate on humid days. This is why you feel miserable and hot.

An evaporative cooler located in a humid area does the same thing: It pumps more moisture into the air, making it more humid. This makes it less likely that water will evaporate. You feel cool.

Tips To Get The Most From Your Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative coolers operate differently from standard air conditioner units. This means that you will need to change how you use them to achieve the best cooling. These tips will help you get the most comfortable and coolest air.

  • Open The Windows

Evaporative coolers need constant fresh air, not standard A/C which requires you to sell your home to keep the cold air out. Open windows near the intake fan allow warm, dry air to flow into the cooler for rapid evaporation. Open windows allow the humidified air from the cooler to escape so that your home doesn’t feel too cold. It may take some practice to figure out how to crack your windows to achieve optimal comfort. So, feel free to play with indoor air until you find the right setting.

  • Refresh Your Water Supply

To prevent mold growth in damp areas, empty the cooler’s reservoir if you aren’t using it for a long time. This will ensure that your evaporative cooler is working well and that your air quality remains clean.

  • Make Sure You Measure Your Cooler Correctly

Make sure you measure the space to determine the right size cooler before you purchase. For a large area, you may need multiple coolers. Or you might find that the fan is aimed at your sitting position and provides enough temperature drop to provide comfort.

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