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Winter is approaching, and as a commercial building owner, you may be wondering how to best prepare your business roof for the upcoming season. Strong winds, ice, and snow are all severe hazards to your roof. Without adequate planning, you may have to pay more for damages to your rooftop during the winter months, or worse, you may end up putting your personnel and clients in danger. As specialists in aluminium roof walkway systems, we have a few recommendations to assist you to prepare your roof for the winter.

Winterizing Your Commercial Roof

Roof Maintenance

Particularly in the summer and fall, leaves, twigs, and debris can quickly cover your rooftop. You can avoid clogging the gutter and damaging the shingles by removing them. A clean rooftop also provides for a more thorough inspection because it allows your maintenance crew to inspect every component of the roof. Don’t forget to clean out your gutters completely during the cleaning procedure to avoid ice banks and poor drainage when winter arrives.

Make a Roof Inspection

If your commercial roof is not adequately inspected before the cold season, leaks and roof collapse are two major problems that may arise. Is there any cracking that you can see? Is there any roofing material that has to be replaced? Make sure that all of the following items are covered throughout the inspection:

• Pipes for drainage

• Membrane that protects the skin

• Valleys

• Shingles

• Gutters

A business roof inspection should take done at least twice a year. Consider creating a walkway system to safeguard the safety of your maintenance employees or the roof inspectors you hire.

A roof access system allows for safe access to the roof while preventing roof damage from direct foot activity. It also helps your business avoid considerable liability, which is prevalent throughout the winter months due to inclement weather.

Your Roof Needs Repair

After you’ve completed the inspection, make sure your maintenance team attends to all of the issues and has them resolved before the winter arrives. Even if repairing a leak during the winter is not impossible, it is inconvenient and even dangerous. In addition, due to the inconveniences that come with maintenance throughout the winter, you may be charged more. As a result, don’t put off or overlook roof repairs before the winter season starts.

Make a plan to get rid of the ice and snow.

While a snow-covered roof may appear idyllic, more than 2 feet of snow on your commercial roof may be too much for it to bear. If you live in a northern state where snow is typical during the winter, be sure you have an ice and snow removal plan in place. Wait until your roof has grown layers of ice before taking action. Check your roof and gutters regularly to verify that melting snow and ice are properly draining. To plan for the fall, contact your maintenance team or a local snow removal provider. Even though it appears to be a lot of labor, you are doing everything you can to keep your roof from collapsing during the winter.

Design Components is a reputable manufacturer of aluminium roof walkways.

Although preparing your property for the winter months takes a lot of time and effort, a dependable aluminium rooftop walkway system will make the rooftop inspection procedure far safer and easier. Ladders, stairs, and hatches are just a few of the rooftop walkway products that will come in handy for your maintenance work. We have what it takes to produce an amazing rooftop walkway system that meets your needs.

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