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Heavy-duty entry mats can perform a lot of the heavy lifting year-round, whether you’re specifying entrance flooring for a new facility or seeking an efficient solution to highlight your company’s dedication to providing a safe workplace for employees, visitors, and guests.

Businesses are going above and beyond now more than ever to demonstrate that they are keeping staff and visitors as secure as possible.

First impressions are important, and the cleanliness of the floor is an important indicator of how serious the company is about safety and hygiene.  Custom logo rugs are a one-of-a-kind answer to your needs. It is really important to approach your business correctly.

 As a result, it offers a quick commercial option for this is especially important during the winter months when the unpredictable weather increases the likelihood of garbage being dragged or moved inside.

What is the purpose of entrance matting?

Most H&S standards require that reasonable care be taken to ensure visitor safety (including preventing sliding on fluids or debris that has found its way indoors), therefore entrance matting is a must-have for every public building.

The entrance matting you choose for your building’s interior fittings is one of the most important decisions you’ll make because it will stop unwanted dirt and debris in its tracks, soak up moisture to reduce the risk of anyone slipping inside, and greatly reduce the amount of time and money spent cleaning and replacing the rest of your interior flooring.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the influence of wet weather on the performance of your entrance mat: we always advocate planning for the worst-case weather scenario for your area and selecting winter floor mats accordingly. Investing in a higher-performing, all-seasons heavy-duty entrance mat also lowers the chance of incurring greater ongoing cleaning and replacement costs, or worse, paying damages if someone is harmed on the premises.

Our complete entrance collection features a close-mesh design that is heel- and wheel-proof, certified slip-resistant, long-lasting, and exceptionally easy to clean and maintain, so you can be confident in your purchase. Ultimate mats have a large selection of outdoor and indoor winter entrance mats, as well as entrance matting alternatives that may be used for both!

How to select the best winter floor mat for your region, climate, and requirements

While all of the mats in our Frontrunner line are engineered to withstand temperatures as low as -9°F, your winter floor mat requirements will differ based on your location and the weather your wet season brings!

To assist you in selecting the correct mat for your facility, we’ve listed the most common issues our customers have while shopping for winter floor mats for their entrance.

Is there too much water?

You’ll need an all-seasons heavy-duty entrance mat that can absorb big amounts of rainfall while also minimizing the amount of dirt that’s walked or dragged into the building, whether you live somewhere with regular downpours or your building has poor drainage. Look for a scrape and clean system on an entry mat with carpet inserts.

Waterhog includes heavy-duty absorbent carpet inserts specifically designed to extract and dry moisture if you need maximal moisture removal. Cleaning periods are shortened, floor finishes retain their quality, and entrances remain fashionable for longer.

Anti- slip mats are lightweight solid-backed entrance matting option that provides good protection if your entrance does not have a sunken mat well. This solid-backed winter floor mat is certified slip-resistant, heel-proof, and wheel-proof, making it ideal for busy public buildings and shopping malls.

The ideal loose lay winter floor matting for high-traffic offices, commercial buildings, grocery stores, and malls, The ribbed surface of the mat scrapes dirt and debris from shoes and wheels, while the grid traps and gathers debris, minimizing cleaning intervals and keeping interiors safer and more fashionable for longer.

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